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Facebook Business Pages may seem like the easy way to have an internet presence but businesses need to be aware that a Facebook business page is not public. It can only be viewed by people who members of Facebook, logged in and who have not been blocked from accessing the page. When a business works hard to get LIKES on Facebook, this does not equate to reach. Whether or not a business post appears on users newsfeed depends on Facebook's algorithm and Facebook limits the number of people seeing a business post unless the business pays to BOOST a post. Essentially, a business will pay over and over to reach the clients that it has gathered via Facebook.

If for some reason, a page is blocked to a user, whether that is because of some random facebook glitch or setting change or other, the user will not be able to access the business contact details.

 Such is the case for Rainbow Cakes Geelong. This is the screen shot of when Facebook blocks a person from finding Rainbow Cakes Geelong.

This is the screen shot of when Facebook doesn’t block a person from finding Rainbow Cakes Geelong.

And even if the blocked user is given the exact link to the “public” business page, they get the following message from Facebook.

Most people would not know that Facebook could block users and would think

  1. The business had closed
  2. The business has deliberately blocked them from viewing their page

Worse still, if Facebook is the primary means of contact for the business, sales are lost from clients unable to reach the business.

Even if a person is able to view and "LIKE" a business page, unless they turn on notifications or the business pays for advertising, they are unlikely to see the posts from the business.

Implications for Business

The era of free advertising through Facebook’s social media platform is pretty much over. If your business is using Facebook as a way of reaching users then it needs to pay for advertising or it may lose valuable business.

 While Facebook’s settings suggest that pages and posts are “Public” a business needs to realize that unless a person has a Facebook account, they cannot see their pages and increasingly the views of a page will be limited by the amount of advertising dollars a business is willing to pay for exposure.

 Rather than “Find us on Facebook” businesses should use a domain name and up to date website with contact details easily accessible and links to their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, or Twitter channels, and a business needs to ensure that if a person searches for their business name, that their website can be found easily on search engines like Google and Bing.

 A free Google business listing and Yellow Pages listing is helpful, as well as getting other links from webpages to their business website.

 The good old fashioned email and address lists may be harder to manage than getting people to “LIKE” your business page, but these lists are yours and you don’t have to pay to market to your own clients via Facebook.

 Social media is a powerful form of advertising but it’s best not to put all of one’s eggs in the same basket.

 If you need a website, advice on internet marketing and search engines, updates to your existing website, contact Passion Computing to discuss.